Get Smart entertainment via Google TV on Sony BRAVIA X82L with700,000 Movies and TV Episodes.

Sony KD-55X82L Bravia 139 cm (55) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV (Black)

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₹ 7500 Cashback*
Sony KD-55X82L Bravia 139 cm (55) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV (Black)

₹ 80,900 (incl. of all taxes)

₹ 80,900

MRP ₹ 129,900 (incl. of all taxes)

You Save: ₹ 49,000 (38%)

Sony KD-65X82L Bravia 164 cm (65) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV (Black)

Sony XR-65A80L Bravia 164 Cm (65) XR Series 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED Google TV (Black)
₹ 7500 Cashback*
Sony KD-65X82L Bravia 164 cm (65) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV (Black)

₹ 102,490 (incl. of all taxes)

₹ 102,490

MRP ₹ 164,900 (incl. of all taxes)

You Save: ₹ 62,410 (38%)

Sony KD-75X82L Bravia 189 cm (75) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV (Black)

Sony X82L Bravia 189 cm (75 inch) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV
₹ 10000 Cashback*
Sony KD-75X82L Bravia 189 cm (75) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV (Black)

₹ 144,140 (incl. of all taxes)

₹ 144,140

MRP ₹ 269,900 (incl. of all taxes)

You Save: ₹ 125,760 (47%)



Does the Sony Bravia X82L offer Smart TV capabilities?

Yes, it does. With Google TV and BRAVIA Core, you can watch a wide array of movies in 4K HDR steaming quality. By using your own voice, you can find movie, play music and stream apps. Simply say ""OK Google"" to get started.

What is Motionflow XR™ technology in Sony X82L TVs?

With Motionflow XR on the Sony BRAVIA X82L, Every fast action looks smooth and sharp.

Do Sony X82L TV series come with builtin Chromecast feature?

Yes, the Sony BRAVIA X82L TV series come with a buit in Chromecast feature from which you can cast movies, shows and photos straight from your phone to the TV.

How can I use Google Assistant on my Sony X82L series Google TV?

Simply press the Google Assistant button on the remote of the Sony X82l TV to get answers, control your smart home devices and so much more.

How can I update the software of my X82L series TV?

There are three ways in which one can perform a software update on the Sony X82L TV. One automatically via the Internet which we highly recommend to do so. The second way is a manual update via the internet and the third way is using a USB flash drive which doesn’t need an internet connection.

Can Sony Bravia X82L Series TVs display content in 4K resolution?

Yes it does. Pictures on the Sony X82L TV are delivered in stunning 4K HDR quality thanks to Processor X1.

Is Sony Bravia X82L suitable for gaming?

Yes. The Sony X82L comes with a specialized game menu that lets you access all your game settings in one place. It also comes with Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode for a smooth gaming experience. What's more? You get to experience your games in amazing graphics and expressive sound.

Can the Sony Bravia X82L Series TVs upscale lower-resolution content?

Yes they can. Everything that you watch on the X82L TV series is upscaled close to 4K picture quality.

Does the Sony X82L Series TVs support HDR (High Dynamic Range)?

The Sony X82L TV supports HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision.
  • Sony introduced the BRAVIA X82L series, promising amazing visuals and immersive sound.

    1. Enjoy incredible picture clarity using the X1 4K HDR Picture Processor, which makes your TV show stunning and lifelike images.

    Sony's latest TV series offers outstanding image quality in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes. The X1 4K HDR picture processor enhances your viewing experience with the Object-based HDR remaster. This technology analyzes and adjusts the colors and contrast of individual objects on the screen, resulting in more depth, textures, and realistic pictures compared to regular TVs.

    2. The brand-new X82L series, featuring the TRILUMINOS™ Pro screen, shows colors that look just like real life.

    The X82L series offers an expansive range of colors, enhanced by its distinctive TRILUMINOS PRO™ algorithm. This innovative technology can discern and replicate colors based on their saturation, hue, and brightness, resulting in the faithful recreation of the most authentic and intricate shades. As a result, your viewing experience will be enriched with colors that closely mirror those found in the natural world.

    With the X82L series, you can anticipate a visual treat that transcends traditional displays. Its wide color gamut, combined with the advanced TRILUMINOS PRO™ algorithm, elevates the vibrancy and accuracy of colors, making them remarkably true to life. Whether you're watching movies, playing games, or simply enjoying your favorite content, this television series ensures that your viewing encounters are filled with captivating and realistic colors that bring your entertainment to a whole new level of immersion.

    3. Get the cinematic experience in your home with Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos™ for an amazing visual and audio experience.

    The latest BRAVIA X82L series, enhanced by Dolby Vision™, represents an advanced HDR solution designed to elevate your home entertainment to a new level. It delivers an enchanting cinematic journey, revitalizing scenes with remarkable brightness, intensified shadows, and lively, rich colors. This technology essentially breathes life into your viewing experience, making it incredibly immersive.

    Moreover, thanks to Dolby Atmos integration, the sound emanating from the BRAVIA X82L 4K televisions isn't limited to traditional horizontal channels. Instead, it encompasses both above and lateral directions, granting you the ability to perceive objects moving overhead with an unparalleled level of realism. This revolutionary audio feature transforms your viewing into a truly multi-dimensional sensation, enveloping you in a world of sound that matches the stunning visual quality of the BRAVIA X82L lineup. In essence, it's a holistic sensory experience that promises to redefine how you enjoy entertainment within the comfort of your home.

    4. Get an amazing immersive sound experience with the X82L series, thanks to the special X-Balanced Speaker and Acoustic Multi-Audio technology.

    Experience an unparalleled auditory journey with the cutting-edge X-Balanced Speaker and Acoustic Multi-Audio incorporated into the X82L series. The X82L series has ingeniously integrated the X-Balanced Speaker, a groundbreaking feature meticulously crafted to enhance both audio excellence and the television's sleek design. With its distinctive, innovative shape, this speaker delivers unrivaled clarity, elevating your cinematic and musical encounters to new heights.

    Moreover, the Acoustic Multi-Audio technology further elevates your viewing and listening experience. This sophisticated system strategically positions sound-tweeters at the rear of the television, allowing the audio to dynamically track the on-screen action. As a result, you are immersed in a truly captivating soundscape that envelops you in every scene, making you an integral part of the entertainment. The X82L series redefines audiovisual indulgence by combining aesthetic finesse with cutting-edge sound technology for an unparalleled, immersive sensory journey.

    5. The X82L series makes it easy for users to have a lot of fun stuff with Google TV. You can use over 10,000 apps and games, and there are more than 700,000 movies and TV shows to watch. Plus, it works well with Apple AirPlay2 and HomeKit

    The latest BRAVIA X82L series brings you a smart and fun TV experience with Google TV. You can download over 10,000 apps and access a massive library of 700,000 movies and TV episodes, including live TV, all from one convenient place. Google TV helps you find your favorite content from various apps and subscriptions, making searching as simple as asking Google. Just say, 'Hey Google, find action movies,' and it will search across apps for you.

    You can also personalize your viewing experience by bookmarking your favorite shows and movies, creating a watchlist on your phone, and then easily watching them on your TV. Plus, you can add to your watchlist from your phone or laptop using Google Search, keeping everything organized in one spot.

    The BRAVIA X82L series also supports Apple HomeKit and AirPlay, making it effortless to connect your Apple devices like iPads and iPhones to your TV for smooth content streaming.

    6. With the Handsfree voice search option, you can talk to your TV to start watching your favorite shows and movies.

    Voice Search eliminates the need for intricate navigation and tedious typing, enabling users to discover their preferred content swiftly through voice commands, sans the necessity of a remote control. The television's integrated microphones grant viewers a genuinely hands-free interaction. By conversing directly with the TV via Google Assistant, users can swiftly locate desired content, play TV programs, movies, and more, all without the reliance on a traditional remote control. This streamlined and convenient approach enhances the user experience, making content access more efficient and user-friendly.

    7. The X82L series now includes BRAVIA CORE, which lets you watch lots of super cool IMAX-enhanced movies and hear awesome Dolby Atmos sound with the best quality streaming at 80 megabits per second.

    The X82L series now includes BRAVIA CORE, an app that gives you access to an impressive array of IMAX-enhanced movies and Dolby Atmos content. With Pure Stream™ delivering the highest streaming picture quality at 80mbps, you can enjoy a vast collection of top-notch movies. The BRAVIA CORE Calibrated mode ensures that your movie looks its best by automatically adjusting the picture settings, providing an outstanding movie-watching experience at home.

    8. The X82L L has special features for PS5 that make your gaming better. It makes the pictures look nicer and matches the game's type automatically. It also works well with the latest PS5 HDMI, so you won't have to wait when you play.

    The X82L TV has some cool features for your PS5 that make gaming awesome. It has things like Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode. Plus, it can connect with HDMI 2.1, which is great for gaming with low delay.

    With HDMI 2.1, the X82L knows when your PS5 is on, and it switches to a mode that makes games smoother and faster. This is super important for games that move fast.

    Auto HDR Tone Mapping is another cool thing. It makes sure that your PS5 looks great on your TV. Even in bright or dark scenes, you'll still see all the important stuff. And when you're playing games, it goes into Game mode to reduce any delays in what you do. But when you're watching movies on your PS5, it goes back to normal mode to make the picture look even better. So, the X82L TV is perfect for your PS5 gaming and movie nights.

    9. X82L makes gaming simpler by giving you a menu where you can quickly check your gaming progress, change settings, and use gaming help features, all in one spot.

    The X82L series offers a simple-to-use Game Menu, making it easy for gamers to access their gaming status, adjust settings, and use gaming assist features all in one place. With the Game Menu, gamers can personalize their settings, like turning on or off VRR or Motion Blur Reduction, quickly.

    The menu also lets users enhance brightness in darker areas, making it easier to see objects and opponents using the black equalizer. Additionally, gamers can aim precisely with six different crosshair options and adjust the screen size to focus on gaming with a smaller, more concentrated display.

    10. With BRAVIA CAM , you can enjoy cool things on your TV, like moving it with your hand, making it look better in different lighting, and using Google Meet

    Discover exciting new things you can do with BRAVIA CAM for your TV. You can control it with hand movements, make the picture and sound just right, and even chat with friends on a big screen through Google Meet. BRAVIA CAM knows where you are in the room and how far you are from the TV, so it can adjust the volume and picture to look and sound perfect. It also changes the brightness of the TV based on how close you are, so you always get a great picture no matter where you sit. Plus, the TV uses sensors to make sure the picture looks awesome no matter how bright or dark the room is.

    11. Discover fantastic picture and sound quality wherever you are, thanks to clever features like Ambient optimization, Light sensor, and Acoustic auto calibration technology

    The X82L TV is awesome! It has special tech that makes your pictures and sounds perfect no matter where you are. It has a clever light sensor that makes the picture brighter in bright rooms and darker in dark rooms. Plus, it can make the sound just right for where you're sitting. So, even if your room has curtains or stuff in front of the TV, this TV will make sure you hear everything perfectly.

    12. This TV is built to work well even in very challenging situations thanks to its special X-Protection PRO feature. It's tough and reliable.

    The new BRAVIA X82L series TVs are made to work well in really hard situations. They have a special technology called X-Protection PRO that makes them strong and long-lasting. These TVs are great because they can keep out dust and handle humidity, and they're also tested to make sure they won't get damaged by lightning or sudden power bursts. So, you can keep on enjoying your favorite shows without worrying about your TV breaking.

    13. The X82L TV has a flat and smooth look, a thin T-shaped stand, and a modern remote control with six shortcut buttons. It fits nicely in your living room

    The X82L TV is designed to look modern and clean with its flat surface, slim T-shaped stand, and smart remote control. It fits nicely in your living room and doesn't disrupt your viewing experience. The stand matches the TV perfectly and goes well with your room decor. The smart remote can manage all your connected devices and is easy to clean with its smooth surface and special coating. It even has six quick access buttons for popular video services like BRAVIA CORE, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, Sony LIV, and YouTube.

    14. With a strong focus on sustainability, Sony's dedication to sustainability spans various aspects of the product lifecycle, from inception to usage.

    Sony is dedicated to prioritizing eco-friendliness in the production of their larger televisions, which often consume significant resources and energy. They are actively striving for enhanced efficiency at every stage of the TV manufacturing process, aiming for a more sustainable approach from production to usage. This entails reducing the usage of new plastics and optimizing transportation methods. Sony is also mindful of minimizing the energy consumption of their televisions, considering the environmental impact. Notably, all of their 2023 TV models are equipped with an Eco Dashboard, empowering users to effortlessly select energy-saving settings, promoting a greener and more sustainable way of using their products.

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