Discover a universe of movies and TV shows in one destination with Google TV on Sony BRAVIA X95L.

Sony XR-85X95L Bravia 215 cm (85) XR Series 4K Ultra HD Smart Mini LED Google TV (Black)

Sony XR-85X95L Bravia 215 cm (85) XR Series 4K Ultra HD Smart Mini LED Google TV  (Black)
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Sony XR-85X95L Bravia 215 cm (85) XR Series 4K Ultra HD Smart Mini LED Google TV (Black)

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₹ 485,990

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What features does X95L Series TVs by Sony offer?

The Sony X95L TV has all the features that one needs to have a great entertainment experience, be it superb picture quality, high-quality sound or even access to a vast library of movies, powered by Google TV.

How does Google TV enhance the entertainment experience on the Sony X95L Series TVs?

Google TV on the Sony X95L gives you access to 700,000+ movies and TV shows all in one place, organized into topics based on your interest. You can stream whatever you want to watch, anytime.

What are the available screen sizes and resolution options for the Sony X95L Series TVs?

The Sony X95L TV is available in a screen size of 85 inches/215 cms with a display resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

What is the optimal viewing distance for the Sony X95L series TVs?

With the 4K X95L TV, you can sit closer to the screen. A common recommendation is to sit approximately 1 to 1.5 times the diagonal screen size away from the TV.

Does image get pixelated with 720p content in Sony X95L Series mini LED TV?

The Sony X95L TV is designed to provide a good viewing experience when upscaling lower-resolution content. While pixelation may occur occasionally, it is often not severe and can be minimized by adjusting settings and optimizing your viewing distance.

Can I access a wide range of movies and TV shows through the Sony X95L Series TVs?

Yes you can. Google TV and BRAVIA Core on the X95L series let you browse multiple movies and TV shows all in one place.

What audio technologies are integrated into the Sony X95L Series Tvs?

The Sony X95L comes with Acoustic Multi-Audio+, Dolby Atmos, Acoustic Centre Sync and Voice Zoom 2 audio technologies.

What is the XR Cognitive Processor in Sony X95L Series?

The Conitive Processor is Sony's cognitive intelligence technology that analyse visual content and recreates it in the same way humans see and hear in the real world.

How do I install applications in my Sony X95L Google TV?

There are three ways in which you can install apps on the X95L Google TV. The first is via the Apps tab on your TV that are organized by category. You simply need to click on the app to install it. The second way to install apps is through the voice-search function. You need to use your voice to install the app. Simply press the Google Assistant (or MIC) button on your remote control and say which app you would like to install. The third way to install an app on the X95L TV is using the search function with the on-screen keyboard. To do this, press the ‘HOME’ button on the TV remote. Then go to the Home screen and select ‘Search’ to open the input field and use the onscreen keyboard. Type the app you would like to install and when it come up, click to install it using the TV remote.

How mirror casting be done in Sony X95L series TVs?

To mirror a screen on the X95L Google TV, one needs to download the Google Home application to enable the feature on the TV.
  • Sony India has unveiled its largest BRAVIA XR 4K Mini LED television, the X95L , promising vivid brightness and rich black levels.
    1.The new BRAVIA XR 85X95L television, powered by the Next Gen Cognitive Processor XR, is designed to deliver an incredibly immersive entertainment experience.

    With its revolutionary Cognitive Processor XR™, Sony's BRAVIA XR™ TVs bring vision and sound to a whole new level, replicating content in a manner that closely resembles human perception. This results in a remarkably lifelike viewing and listening experience, as it comprehends how the human eye naturally focuses, cross-analyzing visuals to provide genuine depth, exceptional contrast, and stunningly vibrant colors. This television boasts outstanding contrast thanks to its 4K Mini LED screen, expertly managed by our exclusive XR Backlight Master Drive technology, enabling a dynamic range that's never been seen before. Witness deep blacks and brilliant highlights, all while maintaining beautifully natural mid-tones, without any distracting glare or halos.

    2.Experience an extraordinary level of depth and vivid contrast and brightness thanks to the cutting-edge BRAVIA XR Mini LED technology featuring XR Backlight Master Drive and XR Contrast Booster.

    The BRAVIA XR 85X95L television incorporates a unique XR Backlight Master Drive that employs an exclusive local dimming algorithm to meticulously control a multitude of tiny, densely packed Mini LEDs with exceptional precision and independence. This results in scenes that burst with brilliant highlights, rich deep blacks, and authentic mid-tones. By finely tuning the distribution of light across the screen, and dimming specific areas while enhancing others, the XR Contrast Booster optimizes brightness to achieve even higher peaks in brightness and deeper shadows in black areas. Scenes with brighter highlights and darker shadows appear remarkably lifelike, brimming with added depth and intricate details.

    3.Triluminos Pro, driven by our advanced Cognitive Processor XR™, brings forth a vast spectrum of precise colors coupled with remarkable deep black contrasts.

    This technology empowers the XR 85X95L to tap into a palette of over a billion colors and faithfully replicate them, capturing the nuanced distinctions observed in the natural world. Complementing this, our expansive color range display and human-focused processor are adept at discerning color variations across saturation, hue, and brightness, resulting in the faithful representation of lifelike shades in every intricate detail.

    4.Experience smooth, vivid, and crystal-clear 4K action thanks to the latest XR 4K Upscaling, XR Clear Image, and XR Motion Clarity technologies.

    The XR 85X95L television incorporates XR 4K upscaling, delivering near-4K quality entertainment regardless of the content source. The Cognitive Processor XR™ intelligently leverages a wealth of data to restore lost textures and intricate details, resulting in lifelike images. XR Clear Image minimizes noise through zone division and dynamic frame analysis, reducing blur. In contrast, XR Motion Clarity detects and analyzes crucial visual elements across consecutive frames, generating and inserting additional frames to ensure smooth and clear visuals, even during high-speed sequences.

    5.X-Anti Reflection effectively reduces screen glare, ensuring an optimal viewing experience even in well-lit environments.

    The X-Wide Angle™ technology guarantees vibrant, true-to-life colors from any viewing angle. Enjoying dark movies in a bright room is no longer a challenge, thanks to the XR Mini LED's ability to minimize reflections caused by sunlight or lamps. This feature allows you to appreciate deep black tones and clear images without any distractions. Whether you're watching from the center or the sides, Sony's innovative optical design, incorporated in the X-Wide Angle panel, ensures color accuracy remains consistent, enhancing your overall viewing pleasure.

    6.Transform your home into a personal cinema that rivals professional studios with the cutting-edge features of the BRAVIA XR 85X95L Mini LED television.

    This television is equipped with Dolby Vision™, an advanced HDR technology that delivers a captivating cinematic experience by enhancing scenes with vivid colors, striking highlights, and deeper darks. With Dolby Atmos, the sound is both immersive and three-dimensional, with audio coming from above and around you, providing a lifelike audio experience. Additionally, the television boasts IMAX Enhanced technology, which faithfully preserves the filmmaker's vision, and it's Calman Ready, allowing professional calibration for optimal production editing. To top it off, the Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode intelligently adjusts the picture brightness of Netflix content based on your room's lighting conditions, further enhancing your viewing pleasure.

    7.The BRAVIA X95L TVs offer an expansive gaming system featuring the "Perfect for PlayStation 5" capability, complete with Auto HDR tone mapping and an automatic genre mode.

    This allows for 4K resolution at 120 frames per second through HDMI 2.1 support, delivering seamless and clear movement for highly responsive gaming experiences. The TV effortlessly recognizes and optimizes for the PS5™, swiftly switching to Game mode to minimize input lag and tailor the HDR settings for an enhanced gaming experience. The Auto HDR Tone Mapping feature is fine-tuned during the PS5™ console's initial setup, ensuring vivid details and accurate colors across the screen's varying brightness levels. When utilizing the PS5® for movie watching, the TV intelligently transitions to standard mode to prioritize picture processing for more captivating scenes. Additionally, the inclusion of Auto Low Latency Mode guarantees smoother gaming, particularly crucial for fast-paced, high-intensity games.

    8.The Game Menu feature in the X95L offers convenient access to gaming-related information, preferences, and assistance functions all in one location.

    BRAVIA TVs come equipped with a user-friendly Game Menu, empowering gamers to fine-tune their preferences, such as enabling or disabling VRR or Motion Blur Reduction with a simple click. Moreover, the Game Menu permits users to enhance visibility in dimly lit areas by utilizing the black equalizer, enabling them to easily identify objects and opponents, along with the option to select from six different crosshair styles for precision aiming. This year introduces a new feature allowing players to customize the screen size, enabling them to focus on gaming with a smaller, more concentrated display.

    9.The X95L television offers a smart user experience with Google TV, providing a wide array of entertainment options. This includes access to 10,000+ apps and games, as well as an extensive library of over 700,000 movies and TV series.

    The TV is designed to work seamlessly with Apple AirPlay2 and HomeKit, enhancing its compatibility with Apple devices. With the introduction of the new 85-inch BRAVIA X95L XR Mini LED TV, users can easily download 10,000+ apps and access a vast collection of 700,000+ movies and TV episodes, as well as live TV, all conveniently in one place. Google TV takes the hassle out of content search and organization, bringing together favorite content from various apps and subscriptions. Users can effortlessly search for content by simply asking Google, making finding specific genres like action movies a breeze.

    Personalization is a key feature of the X95L TV. Customers receive personalized recommendations and can conveniently bookmark shows and movies by creating a watchlist directly from their phone. The watchlist can be accessed on the TV, helping users keep track of what to watch. Additionally, users can add content to their watchlist from their phone or laptop using Google Search, consolidating all their preferences and selections in one central location. The Sony BRAVIA XR 85X95L supports Apple HomeKit and AirPlay, allowing for seamless integration with Apple devices such as iPads and iPhones. This integration facilitates effortless content streaming from Apple devices to the TV, enhancing the overall user experience.

    10.Using the Hands-Free Voice Search feature, you can seamlessly engage with your TV to enjoy your preferred TV shows and movies.

    Discover your preferred content swiftly by harnessing the might of your voice, eliminating the need for a remote control. With Voice Search, you'll bid farewell to complex navigation and tedious typing; all you need to do is ask. The television's integrated microphones enable a genuinely hands-free experience for viewers. Just converse with the TV through Google Assistant to swiftly locate your desired content or initiate TV shows, movies, and more, all without the need for a TV remote.

    11.Utilizing BRAVIA CORE, you can select and redeem up to 10 movies from a vast collection of the latest releases and beloved classic films within a 24-month timeframe.

    This service provides an exceptional streaming experience with top-tier quality using Pure Stream™ technology at 80Mbps, enabling HDR movie streaming akin to 4K UHD Blu-ray. The BRAVIA Core app, pre-installed for your convenience, grants access to an extensive library of Sony Pictures' movies for seamless streaming in near 4K Blu-ray quality. With BRAVIA XR 85X95L , you can indulge in Pure Stream™, offering the highest streaming picture quality and access to a broad array of IMAX® Enhanced movies. This ensures that every viewing is accompanied by striking visuals and impressive sound quality. Additionally, the BRAVIA CORE Calibrated mode optimizes your movie's picture settings automatically, enhancing your home movie-watching experience to a truly exceptional level.

    12.Discover a variety of exciting new television enhancements with the addition of the BRAVIA CAM accessory.

    When you connect your BRAVIA TV to the BRAVIA CAM, which is available for separate purchase, you'll be treated to an even more immersive viewing experience. The BRAVIA CAM intelligently identifies your position within the room and your distance from the TV, subsequently fine-tuning both audio and visual settings for an optimal experience. Furthermore, the BRAVIA CAM offers a range of enjoyable new TV features, including gesture controls. You can also use it to engage in Google Meet sessions on the big screen, staying connected with friends and family. The BRAVIA CAM's ability to gauge the distance between you and the TV ensures that the TV's brightness is always adjusted perfectly, guaranteeing excellent picture quality from any location in the room. In addition, the TV's built-in light and color sensor optimizes the picture to match the ambient lighting conditions, ensuring the best possible viewing experience.

    13.Immerse yourself in a world of synchronized audio and visual perfection with the advanced features of Acoustic Multi-Audio+, including the addition of frame tweeters, XR Surround with 3D sound enhancement, and Acoustic Centre Sync.

    The X95L 's Acoustic Multi-Audio+ has now been enhanced with Frame Tweeters, enhancing vocal clarity and sound positioning, delivering a far more captivating audio experience compared to traditional TVs where the sound emanates from beneath the screen. The Frame Tweeters vibrate the frame, projecting sound forward, ensuring a perfectly balanced audio output by assessing the positions of all speakers.

    XR Surround ingeniously creates a surround sound effect both from the sides and vertically, all using the TV's built-in speakers. This allows you to enjoy 3D audio without the need for additional in-ceiling or up-firing speakers. Furthermore, Acoustic Centre Sync lets you transform both your compatible BRAVIA TV and soundbar into a central speaker, synchronizing the audio precisely with the on-screen visuals, resulting in a more immersive home entertainment experience.

    14.The Sony BRAVIA XR 85X95L boasts a minimalist one-slate design, featuring a single pane of tempered glass with seamless edges that minimizes the bezel.

    This design element is aimed at keeping your attention firmly on the picture, delivering an immersive big-screen viewing experience that is free from distractions. Please note that the actual appearance may vary depending on the TV size. Additionally, the TV is equipped with a versatile 3-way multi-position stand. This stand allows you to choose between a standard setting that prioritizes your viewing experience, a narrower setting suitable for smaller shelves, and a dedicated soundbar setting for optimal sound system placement. To maintain a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing look, the TV also includes cable holders that discreetly conceal wires, ensuring a tidy appearance from all angles, including the front, sides, and back. Even the hidden areas are kept neat and organized.

    15.Streamline the operation of all your devices using a single intelligent remote control with the Sony BRAVIA XR 85X95L TV.

    This TV model includes a compact and user-friendly remote equipped with six dedicated partner keys (Bravia Core, Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Youtube, Sony Liv, and Amazon Prime) for quick access to your favorite content and seamless exploration of the vast OTT entertainment universe. The remote's smooth surface, featuring conveniently located buttons and a unique polyurethane coating, ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, all buttons are specially treated with antibacterial material for added hygiene.

    16.The Sony BRAVIA XR 85X95L TV is engineered to excel in challenging environments, thanks to its advanced X-Protection PRO technology.

    This latest iteration of the XR 85X95L TV is built to endure, offering enhanced safeguards. It not only provides superior defense against dust and humidity but also meets Sony's stringent lightning test criteria, ensuring protection from lightning strikes and power surges. Continue to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with a television that boasts increased durability.

    17.Tailored for an eco-friendly environment.

    Addressing the increasing desire for larger TV screens involves more resources and energy consumption. Sony is dedicated to sustainability, optimizing efficiency in product creation and TV usage. Upholding its pledge to lessen plastic usage through the Road to Zero initiative, Sony strives to minimize its environmental footprint. Efforts encompass curbing virgin plastic use, enhancing transportation efficiency, and assessing energy usage during operation. Furthermore, the 2023 models feature the Eco Dashboard, empowering users to conveniently personalize energy-saving settings.

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